Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Restrictions on our normal lives will be in place for some time and it may prove to be a tough winter. We want to reassure you that at Sovereign our primary focus is on delivering for you, our customers.

You can see an update on our  service levels under the latest national lockdown here.

Keeping you safe and protecting our employees remains our highest priority and we’re very grateful to you for following the guidelines on social distancing as well as the basics of regular handwashing and face coverings when needed.

Please also remember the importance of getting a coronavirus test if you have symptoms and self-isolating if you or someone in your household’s tested positive or has symptoms and is waiting for a test. It’s especially important that you keep us informed if we might be visiting you, so that we’re not putting our employees or other customers at risk.

As last year, we’ll continue to adapt to these very challenging times and do all that we can to continue to deliver services and to meet your needs over the coming weeks and months. If you have concerns, please get in touch. In the meantime, we hope that you and your families stay safe.

Keeping you safe

Please continue to follow the guidance on protecting yourself and others from Covid-19, such as social distancing and washing your hands regularly. We’ve also carried out risk assessments on working safely, including what we need residents to do.

If you're more at risk because you’re clinically extremely vulnerable, clinically vulnerable or self-isolating, we won't carry out any work in your home if you’d prefer us not to, unless it's an emergency or compliance issue. And we'll agree in advance exactly how to do this safely.

For example, we will: 
  • Keep at least 2 metres away from you and ask you to stay in another room (where possible) 
  • Follow all safety advice, for example, avoiding face-to-face contact

If you're not clinically extremely vulnerable, clinically vulnerable or self-isolating, we'll agree with you in advance how we can all stay safe.

You can help by:
  • Making sure we have your contact details – it's easiest to register on MySovereign to update them
  • Telling us if you need to change the appointment time, if someone in your household’s tested positive or has symptoms and is waiting for a test
  • Leaving internal doors and windows open
  • Wearing a face covering when we’re in your home

Maintenance and repairs
We're continuing to carry out essential and emergency work inside customers’ homes but need to postpone other internal repairs, including planned works where multiple trades would need to be in your home for an extended period. Please check our national and local lockdown page for details. 

Please also be aware that some jobs will take longer so that we can follow social distancing requirements.

We're also continuing to maintain communal areas, carry out grounds maintenance and work in empty homes (so that people can move in).

Gas safety checks
These are priority works to keep you safe. We also need to meet legal guidelines around completing these checks. 

If you're self-isolating, we'll rearrange these checks for after your isolation has ended.

If you're clinically extremely vulnerable or clinically vulnerable, we'll see if they can wait. If they can't, we'll agree with you in advance how to carry them out safely.

Building safety work
We'll work closely with you and our contractors about carrying out work safely on buildings that need urgent improvements.

Supporting you


Paying your rent
We understand it’s a difficult time for many people, but it’s really important you continue to pay your rent to avoid future financial problems and large debts. If you’re having difficulty making your payments, we do need you to speak to us as soon as possible so that we can help.

Support and advice
We have internal experts and specialist partners you can talk to about paying rent and managing debts; claiming benefits; other financial and mental health concerns; or finding work and training. So do get in contact.

This Covid-19 area of MySovereign also has lots of information, FAQs and links to help you.

In our Housing for Older People schemes, we'll continue to keep in touch by making calls where these are useful. 

Domestic abuse and anti-social behaviour
Please get in touch if you're facing or feel at risk of domestic abuse as we can help you find the support you need.

With all of us at home more now, we're also asking everyone to be considerate of their neighbours and more tolerant of others. There's also more information around noise nuisance, drugs and anti-social behaviour on these pages.

Moving home

Moves continued to be allowed but these are being done differently, to reduce any risk of spreading the virus.
Home ownership sales and lettings of new properties are continuing and we're on-site to build much-needed homes.

Further advice and information

We're here for you and listening to you, so please: 

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