Local and national lockdowns (COVID-19)

National Covid-19 restrictions eased from 19 July and all our services are open. But, because predictions suggest we're heading towards another peak in infections, we believe it's right to remain careful and to review our approach regularly.

We’re taking a cautious approach, to keep both our customers and our employees as safe as possible.

  • We'll continue with social distancing, wearing face coverings in your home and other measures (such as twice-weekly testing for relevant employees).

  • If we're due to visit you, please tell us if you've tested positive, have symptoms and/or are waiting for a test result.

  • If we're working in your home, please continue to wear a face covering, give our team space to work (ideally by staying in another room if possible) and open windows for extra ventilation.

Please note that our people always have the right to leave a home if they don't feel safe for any reason. If this is the case, we ask them to contact a manager so that we can review the situation and decide how best to resolve it.

Service levels

Please remember that some of our services could still be slower over the coming months. This is because we may need to limit the number of people working in a home or because we're still working through delayed jobs from the various lockdowns – while still responding to emergency repairs. With rising infection rates, there may also be higher than normal employee sickness or self-isolation.
We’ll also continue to respond to any regional or local differences in infections, and may need to amend our services accordingly.
Thank you again for your continued patience and support to help us keep everyone safe.

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