Report coronavirus (COVID-19)

It’s really important that all our residents and employees 'keep safe and don't pass it on' - so that we don’t put you, our employees or contractors at risk.

Please let us know if you have the virus, or have any symptoms, as we won’t be able to enter your home but may be able to support in another way.

If you’re self-isolating because of age or vulnerability, we’ll agree with you how we can best carry out any emergency repair or other safety work.

We may also need to know a bit more about your situation (such as the end date if you’re self-isolating), as this may affect the service we can provide. You can use this form to tell us.

Let's get some details

These details will help us deal with your situation in the most appropriate way.
Coronavirus Case Details

So we know when it is safe to enter your home please let us know when the self-isolation period will end