Residents' annual performance report


Hello to all Sovereign residents
We want to have an open and honest relationship. A relationship where you’re able to hold us to account – that we do what we say and learn from things when we get them wrong. The annual performance report is part of you being able to hold us to account.
Your feedback, our engaged residents and resident led scrutiny also play a key role in monitoring what we do – as well as helping us maximise impact in our local communities.
The related pages here tell you more about our performance as a landlord up to the end of March 2020.


The impact of Covid-19

The financial year that ended in March 2020 feels like a long time ago – before the most extraordinary last few months of lockdown and recovery. Things will continue to be different for all of us for some time to come.
From March we responded quickly to lockdown and working safely by concentrating our effort where it was needed most: getting nearly 2,000 people working from home within a week and focusing on essential services like emergency repairs, safety in your home, and support with paying your rent, other financial issues and our employment service.
We also accelerated our investment in our communities by making £200,000 available for local charities – like food banks and groups working with people and communities most in need of support.
Lockdown meant we needed to move to emergency services and so we suspended, for a short while, our usual ways of getting your feedback. But we contacted over 18,000 of our older and more vulnerable residents to check they were okay, offering advice and putting them in touch with local groups. I know our teams really valued making these calls, enjoyed speaking with you and the great insights you gave that influenced our approach.

Now we’re resuming services with your safety and that of our people still very much our priority. If you’d like to know more, please follow our Covid secure ways of working. 

What’s been great in the last few months is that we’ve speeded up our digital offer: including virtual viewings of homes, electronic document signing and virtual meetings of our Resident and Board Partnership.

It’s been a tough few month for everyone, and I’d like to thank you for your cooperation and patience, particularly working in partnership with us to keep everyone safe through lockdown and as we resume services again.

And please remember, if you're struggling and need advice or support, please get in touch - we're here to help. You can also find the latest updates on how we’re resuming services, on our MySovereign Coronavirus pages. 

Heather Bowman
Chief Operating Officer
Want to know more?
Our annual Report and Financial statement 2019/20 will tell you more about the places we’re building, our flourishing communities and our plans for the future.