Residents – developing what we do and how we do it

Residents' annual performance report

As well as the involvement and hard work of the Resident and Board Partnership, Scrutiny Coordination Group and resident scrutineers, we’re giving residents even more say in what we do and how we do it.

Customer journey mapping

This is about making it easier for you to deal with us by tracking and describing all the experiences a customer has when they receive a particular service.

‘Taking a walk in the customer’s shoes’ lets us identify potential pain points and ideas to improve the experience for customers. It also highlights where things are going well.

Since August 2019 we’ve completed the following mapping projects:
The 'aftercare and defects' service for people who've bought a new-build home through shared ownership
  • 7 customers and 20 employees involved
  • 3 workshops
  • 10 ‘quick wins’ proposed plus 14 longer-term goals
The journey customers make when it comes to compensation
  • 8 customers and 5 employees involved
  • 2 workshops
  • 11 ‘quick wins’ proposed plus 9 longer-term goals
Our current project is the journey customers experience with our External Management Companies service. We’ve mapped this with the teams involved and are now talking to customers about their emotional experience and suggestions for improving the service.

Coming soon are Customer Journey Mapping projects looking at buying a new home; the anti-social behaviour (ASB) service; and service charges.


Over the last few months, we’ve continued our co-creation work (a really collaborative approach where customers and employees work hand in hand) on a new Homes and Place Standard. This sets out our vision for the homes we want to build and the places and communities people want to live in.
Further customer workshops focused on environmental sustainability; the home; place and surroundings. Customers discussed what key principles we should apply in these areas when we undertake future developments and the next workshop will develop these ideas further in the hope they can come to fruition in the new year.
Covid 19 meant we had to postpone a workshop about our draft new Empty Homes Standard. But our next one is in August and customers will be able to visit empty homes and look at the potential new changes to the standards they helped design.

A series of further workshops are planned and we hope that the new standard will be agreed and can start to be used from the new financial year.

The RBP and SCG have continued to get regular updates about progress in both these areas.

Sovereign charter

Again, due to Covid 19, we had to postpone much of our planned consultation in the spring. But we’ve adjusted our timescale and hope to consult with residents and staff over the next six months about creating a Sovereign Charter.
This will be underpinned by the National Housing Federation’s ‘Together With Tenants’ work and the six commitments in that around: relationships with residents; communication; the voice and influence of residents; how associations can be accountable; quality; and what happens when things go wrong.
Here’s what we’ll be doing.
  • A series of (digital) focus groups with involved residents and employees to consider the principles for a Sovereign charter 
  • Wider digital consultation with residents on these suggested principles 
  • Engaging with our Executive Board and Board members about the proposals
  • Preparing a draft Sovereign charter – and then holding some more focus groups to review and amend anything if necessary
  • Finalising our Sovereign charter for RBP and Board approval
  • Officially launching the charter at the next Residents’ Conference in early 2021 if we can